Диалоги в самолете

Stewardess: Welcome on board. My name’s Karen, please follow me to your seats, A7 and B7.

Captain: On behalf of Iberia airlines, captain John Baker and the crew would like to welcome you on board the 717. Our flying time to London will be 2 hours and a half. We shall be flying at a height of 3.500 metres. For your own safety remain seated until the red light is out. Please fasten your seat belts. Smoking is not allowed during the flight. The duty free shop will open in an hour. Have a pleasant flight. Should you need anything, press the button above your seat. We are taking off in a few minutes. Remember to switch off your mobile phones for your own safety.

Stewardess: If you press here your seats go back and you will be more comfortable. If you need blankets, pillows or whatever, call me, I’m at your service. 

Captain: Ladies and gentlemen: we’ll be landing in London in ten minutes, please fasten your seat belts. 
The temperature’s 10 degrees centigrades. Remember that summer in England is winter in Alicante. We hope you’ve had a pleasant journey and would be very pleased to see you aboard again. Try not to get a cold. 


Do you want anything to drink / eat?
Where is the toilet?
What time will be in England?
How is the weather like in……….?
Can you give me a pillow , please?
Can you close/open the air-conditioner, please?
Any rubbish?
Where should I go to take the next plane to……..?