Диалоги в аэропорту

Check-in 1

Passenger: Is this Mercury Airlines counter?
Clerk: Yes, it is. May I help you?
Passenger: I’d like to check in for today’s flight to Mexico City.
Clerk: May I see your passport?
Passenger: Is everything in order?
Clerk: Yes, it is. Where is your baggage?
Passenger: It’s over there.
Clerk: Very well. It weighs exactly thirty pounds. Now go to gate number seven. Your flight number is 326.
Passenger: What time does the plane leave?
Clerk: At 4.30.

Check-in 2

CORIN: Where’s the Iberia counter?

JUAN: I don’t know. Let’s go to Information.


JUAN: Where’s the Iberia counter, please?

INFORMATION: It’s next to British Caledonian, at the end of this
corridor on the left.

CORIN: Morning, we would like to check in.

FLIGHT ASSISTANT: Morning, let me have your plane tickets

CORIN: Could we have a window seat, please?

FLIGHT ASSISTANT: Of course, no problem. Smoking or non

JUAN: Non-smoking please. Which gate are we boarding


JUAN : Thank you.

JUAN : I think I’m going to buy a newspaper. What do you
want from the newsagents?

CORIN: Buy Hola, Telva and some chewing gums please.

JUAN: Ok I’ll get it.

LOUDSPEAKER: Iberia announces the departure of flight 345 to
London. Will all passengers please go to gate 7.

At the Customs

Customs officer:  Can I see your passport?
Passenger:  Certainly, here it is.
Customs officer:  Have you anything to declare?
Passenger:  Nothing.
Customs officer:  What’s the purpose of your visit?
Passenger:  I’m attending a conference in London.
Customs officer:  Well, would you mind opening this bag, please.
Passenger:  There you are.
Customs officer: Thank you. Right. That’s all. You can go through now.
Passenger:  Thank you.