When you need to buy something, you go to the shop. It’s well known many people like shopping, especially women. There are many types of shops in every city or town, such as a department store, a food supermarket, women's and men's clothing shops, grocery, butchery and bakery.

I prefer to do shopping at big supermarkets and department stores. They sell a wide range of goods in one premise and it is very convenient for me.

A department store includes many departments: fabrics, readymade clothes, shoes, toys, sports goods, china and glass, cosmetics, electric appliances, cameras, linen, curtains, etc. You can buy everything you need there.

In the big stores there are also escalators which deliver customers to different floors. In the women's clothing department they sell dresses, blouses, skirts, coats, costumes, etc. In the men's clothing store you can find trousers, suits, overcoats, ties, and many other things.

In the knitwear department you can buy cardigans, sweaters, woollen jackets, long-sleeved and short-sleeved pullovers. In the perfumery you can buy different kinds of cosmetics such as face cream and powder, shampoos and lotions.

In a food supermarket customers can buy many different products at once: fish, sausages, sugar, macaroni, cereals, flour, and tea. At the butchery there is a great choice of poultry and meat. At the baker’s you can buy white and brown bread, rolls, and biscuits.

We often go to the greengrocery which is stored by potatoes, cabbage, onions, carrots, beetroots, cucumbers, green peas, etc. Everything is sold packed and ready-weighed. In the dairy they sell milk, cheese, butter, cream, and so on.

The ways of shopping vary. It may be, for example, a self-service store where you can push from counter to counter choosing and putting into your basket what you wish to buy. Then you bring your basket to the check-out. There the price of purchases is added up. If it’s not a self-service store, the shop-assistant helps you to find what you want.

Nowadays shopping represents an integral part of our living as for many people it’s not just a need but also a great pleasure.