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American Sports

Sport plays a very important role in American life. Most of them do sport in childhood, in colleges and even older people go in for sport regularly.

The most popular kinds of sport in the USA are swimming, tennis, squash, bowling and others. The four major kinds are hockey, football, baseball and basketball. The choice and the variety of sport can be explained by the size of the country and the variety of its climate. For example in southern states such sports as windsurfing, swimming, racing and baseball are popular, while in northern states skiing and skating are widely spread.

American schools, colleges and universities have sports teams and hold different competitions. They have all conditions and equipment for doing sport professionally. So sportsmen and those students who are fond of sport can get an education in this or that college and combine studies with doing sport. There are no special universities or colleges devoted to sport only. Every year schools and colleges take part in the national kinds of sports competitions. The students, who want to be in good shape, go jogging in the morning and cycle.

Americans win many gold medals in the Olympic Games and are famous for their success in various international competitions.